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FitLife Summer Conference 2013 Sessions

New this Year!  Don’t miss a special
Saturday workshop with Bill McBride:  
"BMC3 Club Management & Leadership Summit”

This special Saturday event being sponsored by FitLife, Petra and MotionSoft will bring the latest thinking in Leadership, Management, Operations and current market trending to attendees from department head levels to senior leadership – everyone interested in learning is welcome!

Saturday July 20, 2013
11:00 - 12:00 Leadership Paradigm
This component of the day’s content will explore leadership styles, leadership insights, situational leadership and a model of leading through change.

1:00 - 2:30 Management & Operations Paradigm
This component of the day’s content will explore management techniques and systems to enable your team to clearly perform based on expectations not just leadership wishes.  Additionally, we will dive into the operational structure to deliver organizational leadership’s desired outcomes.

2:45 - 4:00 New World Paradigm
This component of the day’s content will explore what is happening in the world with regard to human behavior and macro trends.  These aspects play a role in how operators get the best out of their people and deliver what their customers truly want and demand.

4:00 - 4:30 Open Forum Q&A
The Q&A Forum will field questions on the above content as well as anything you want to get clarity on within your field of responsibility.  The subject matter in the Q&A Forum will be unlimited based on participant interest.

Session Highlights & Topics:
Celebrate People More Than Pounds:  Presented by Trina Gray

New World Marketing - Maximizing Your Marketing Strategy & Approach: Presented by Bill McBride

Metabolic Fitness - The Missing Link to Physical Fitness:   Presented by Suzan Zeiger, Univera

Team Building 101 - How to Build a Dynamic, Effective Team and Raise Morale and Productivity Based On Trust and Enhanced Relationships:  Presented by Mark Matteson

Designing and Delivering on the Membership Enrollment Process (Sales/Sales Management):  Presented by Bill McBride

 Master the Three Levers of Internet Marketing Success:  Presented by Buzz Truitt, Netsertive

Designing to Sell:   Presented by Rudy Fabiano

Benefits of Partnering With Physical Therapy in Your Health Club: Presented by  John Airoldi

The Economics of Small Group Training: Presented by Claire McGowen, TRX

Member Loyalty - What It Is and How You Can Get It:  Presented by Blair McHaney

IKFF Kettlebell Workshop - Proper Foundation is Everything:  Presented by Doug Hall

A Comprehensive Understanding of Retention & Consumer Trends:  Presented by Sophie Adams, The Retention People

Vendor Panel Discussion:  Club Business Trends in the Marketplace - Current and Future from the vendors perspective

Owners & Managers Panel Discussion:  Club Business Trends in the Marketplace - Current and Future

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FitLife Summer Conference 2013 Keynote Speakers

Trina Gray
"Live a High Performance Life”.  Fire up your summer with high-performance tips from a recognized leader in the fitness industry. Trina Gray, a successful club owner, national presenter and elite coach, will share her best lessons for success in business and life that she has amassed from her own experience as an entrepreneur and from her years of intense study. She has trained with business guru Darren Hardy, Editor of Success Magazine, Todd Durkin, one of the nation's top personal trainers, and Chalene Johnson, fitness celebrity and infomercial superstar. Trina weaves together stories and simple takeaways on time management, leadership, goal setting and defining your roles in life. You'll leave the keynote with clarity, focus and a fire in your belly.

Mark Matteson
"Freedom From Fat”.  Mark Matteson is one of those rare professionals who can say he is speaker, consultant and author and mean it. His consulting firm Pinnacle Service Group has attracted clients such as Microsoft, T-mobile, JohnDeere, Conoco-Phillips, Aflac, and over 100 other leading organizations on three continents.  A committed writer, Mark has written five books: Freedom from Fear FOREVER, A Simple Choice, Wag More, Bark Even Less, It’s About TIME, and the international best seller, Freedom from Fear that has been translated into Japanese and French. Mark is also the author of four popular e-books: Presenting Like a Pro, Sales Success Strategies,Customer Service Excellence and Sparking Success Vol. 1 & 2, the best of his monthly e-newsletters that Mark has written 12 times a year since2003. He writes a blog each week and posts Tweets and comments on LinkedIn daily.  He is interviewed frequently and has been quoted in the media. He is considered a thought leader, an idea reporter and agent of change who teaches his clients HOW TO GET TWICE AS MUCH DONE IN HALF THE TIME.  He has done work internationally in Australia, Canada, Aruba and Turkey. Furthermore, he has worked in 47 states in the U.S.  He resides in Edmonds, WA with his wife of 33 years, Debbie.

Blair McHaney
"Masters of Customer Experience - How Great Companies Align Frontline Actions With Customer Experience Strategies and How You Can Too”.  Customer Experience Management (CEM) is new to the fitness industry yet no other industry is better positioned to capitalize on its principles.   While other industries have been investing, learning and executing customer experience strategies, the fitness industry has been largely focused on "customer service."  Learn the difference and what you can do to make it happen in your own clubs.  Blair is VP of Strategic Initiatives for Medallia, Inc - the world's leading provider of Customer Experience Management technology for the most popular brands on earth.  He is also a club owner for the last 30 years.  His Customer Experience Management principles, strategies and tactics work at the best companies on earth and they work in independent health clubs.

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