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Reach Media Network
Work Phone: (541) 915-8428
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Reach has its own digital signage network that is in over 500 athletic, health and fitness clubs, university fitness and recreation centers, ice arenas, YMCA’s and JCCs throughout the United States.  The advertising-supported Reach Network features large high-definition flat screen digital televisions, with flash screen technology, that inform, entertain and educate members and visitors at partner facilities.  Reach also features Apps and touchscreens for partner facilities and their members.

Retention Management
Work Phone: 800.951.8048, ext 1
Retention Management is the technology solution that generates custom emails to members and prospects on a health/fitness center’s behalf. Our automated email communication system focuses on new member orientation, member attendance, health/fitness education, new member sales, intuitive attrition defense and increasing revenues.
Susan K. Bailey Advertising
Work Phone: (888) 349-4598
Why is club marketing like exercise? It won't work if you don't keep doing it! Talk to us and we'll show you a plan that fits your budget, with the right tools to achieve the results you are looking for. Just like you tell your members; when you stick with the program, you'll love the results! We keep it simple. It works. Call us today.