Frequently Asked Questions

What clubs are eligible to join FitLife?
The purpose of FitLife is to provide support for the independent, for-profit club operator. Therefore, to join the FitLife Club Network, clubs must be independently owned, for-profit, and not a franchisee or part of a corporate chain.

How much are the FitLife annual dues?
Annual dues are based on the number of club locations in each organization:

  • One Club $550
  • Two Clubs $900
  • $250 additional per club over 2 clubs

Does my club have to be a member of FitLife for me to attend FitLife events?
No. If you would like to attend a Summer Conference, Owners & Managers Retreat, or webinar/training session, you are welcome even if you are not part of a member club. One of the benefits of membership is discounted registration to all events, but visitors are welcome at the non-member rate to any event.

How does the Fitness-to-Go (aka Reciprocity or Reciprocal Use Program) work?
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>How many times may a member use the Fitness-to-Go privileges?
There is no hard and fast rule on this. If a club management feels the club is being abused by a particular member (seeing the same person on multiple two-week stints for example), s/he should address the abuse with the member directly. Next step if the problem continues is to call the manager of the member home club. If the situation cannot be resolved after discussions with the member and the home club manager, contact the FitLife office directly. Clubs reserve the right to limit a maximum of 14 visits per year.

If a family of members is traveling, does each family member need his/her own Fitness-to-Go card?
No. Please just note “family membership” on the Fitness-to-Go card when it is issued so there is no confusion on the other end.

Why do some clubs charge a guest fee?
Clubs that get a disproportionate number of FitLife visitors are allowed to charge a minimal guest fee (max $7/day currently) to compensate for the fact that they get so many more FitLife visitors than the average FitLife club. Because there is such a high concentration of FitLife clubs in Portland, OR, and because Portlanders tend to take a lot of weekend trips to central Oregon and the Oregon coast, most of the guest-fee clubs are in those Portland weekend-warrior areas (Bend, Sisters, and Downtown Seattle). Please note: the guest fee has NOTHING to do with a clubs status, brand or clientele; it is purely a function of number of FitLife visits.

How do I order more Fitness-to-Go cards for my members?
Please contact Neal Simpson at to order. They come in packs of 200. The current price is $20 per two hundred, plus s&h of $5 per order and your club will be invoiced.

Are staff people from a FitLife club allowed to use other FitLife clubs (and must they pay guest fees)?
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How does the Membership Transfer Program work? A member who is permanently moving to another community (at least 30 miles from his/her home club) may apply any initiation or joining fee s/he paid when joining the home club to the initiation fee required by the new club. To take advantage of this benefit, staff at the home club must fill out a Membership Transfer Certificate, which the member will then present to the new club. Be sure to look up the actual fee paid at the time of joining and fill it in before giving the Certificate to the member.