Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of membership in FitLife?


Members of FitLife clubs are allowed to use other clubs in the Network on a limited basis according to the rules of the Fitness-to-Go program. The prospect of having access to approximately 65 independently-owned clubs around the Pacific Northwest is a benefit that sells memberships, while the operational costs of executing the program are low because only a small percentage of members actually use the program.


The Network hosts several opportunities every year to learn from experts in health & fitness, marketing & sales, hospitality & customer service, operations & maintenance and programming, as well as to pick the brains of your colleagues from independent clubs. A quarterly newsletter, website, webinars (coming soon) and online social networking create opportunities to get training and stay connected throughout the year.

Group Purchasing:

Equipment manufacturers, dealers, locker-room supply companies, and insurance agents offer preferred pricing to FitLife members.