Membership Benefits

Joined hands for teamwork

What are the benefits of membership in FitLife?


The Network hosts several opportunities every year to learn from experts in health & fitness, marketing & sales, hospitality & customer service, operations & maintenance and programming, as well as to pick the brains of your colleagues from independent clubs. A quarterly newsletter, website, webinars (coming soon) and online social networking create opportunities to get training and stay connected throughout the year.


Members of FitLife clubs are allowed to use other clubs in the Network on a limited basis according to the rules of the Fitness-to-Go program. The prospect of having access to approximately 65 independently-owned clubs around the Pacific Northwest is a benefit that sells memberships, while the operational costs of executing the program are low because only a small percentage of members actually use the program.

FitLife Connect:

FitLife Connect is a system of reaching out to other clubs with questions. Over the past year we have had hundreds of responses with shared information.  Examples include: What is your policy for minors in the club?   What do you charge for personal training?  What is your cell phone policy? How do you get feedback from your members?……and much more.

  • Send an email to ( with your question
  • Your question will be sent to all FitLife Member Club operators.
  • In 3 – 5 days, we will send the responses back to you.